In addition to an administrative review, the Meyner Center can also perform a financial analysis of the municipality.  This study could include an analysis of all operations, or be limited to the following:

  • roles of staff in financial operations
  • handling of cash, including a review of the system of checks and balances
  • accounting and record keeping
  • the budgetary process and annual audits
  • identification of capital needs
  • building and zoning fee structure
  • investment strategy and cash flow analysis

Projects have included:

Upper Saucon Township (2019): The Center completed a salary survey of municipal managers for Upper Saucon Township.

Upper Saucon Township (2016): The Center prepared a salary and benefits survey of municipalities in the Lehigh Valley for Upper Saucon Township.

Catasauqua Borough Public Works Department (2015): The Center prepared an organizational assessment.

Montgomery Township Sewer Authority (2015): The Center prepared an organizational assessment.

Pocopson Township (2015): The Center prepared an administrative review.

Lower Perkiomen Valley Sewer Authority (2014): The Center prepared an administrative review.

South Whitehall Township (2014): In March, the Center developed a Fire Department Capital Improvement Plan for South Whitehall Township.

Bethlehem Township/Fire Company Study (2014): The Center facilitated meetings and provided a study for the Bethlehem Township fire companies.

Bucks County Salary Surveys (2013, 2012, 2011, 2010): The Center completed annual salary-and-benefit surveys of all municipalities in Bucks County so as to help those municipalities establish competitive salary levels for officials such as police chiefs, fire chiefs, and department heads.

Lehigh County Police-Officer Salary/Benefits Survey (2013): In March-May, the Center conducted a survey of municipal police salary and benefit levels to assist county municipalities in setting new levels. The work was assisted by Connor D. Drigotas ’13.

Williams Township (2011): From May through August, the Center conducted an administrative study and financial analysis of Williams Township’s operations.

Associate Director David Woglom manages this work. Before coming to the Meyner Center, he was a municipal manager for 27 years. He is thoroughly familiar with the best practices of municipal administrative functions and financial affairs. As the manager in Quakertown, PA, he administered a municipality with a $20 million budget, seven department heads, and more than 75 full-time employees.