View the municipal and county governments and organizations for which the Meyner Center has provided services, programs, studies, and training to help them be efficient and productive

Annual Forum on Local Government

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Administrative Review & Financial Analysis

We perform an analysis of the municipality’s financial system, including the budget process, accounting systems, charts of accounts, investments, system of checks and balances, pension plan administration, and annual audits.

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Administrative Services

We conduct a survey of neighboring municipalities and the salaries paid and benefits provided to employees.

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Administrative Studies

We review the management structure of the municipality, including the number of supervisors, middle managers, and rank-and-file employees to review the skills, training, and knowledge of all management personnel, and whether the skills, experience, and number of the rank-and-file employees are sufficient to meet the need for services. We will meet with department heads, elected officials, and other management personnel to look at the efficiency and productivity of the public services being offered by the municipality. We also review the ordinance book, ordinance codification manual, minute book, and other documents for compliance with state law.

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Executive Recruitment

We act as a coordinator to assist the municipality to recruit and hire key management employees, including the manager, police chief, and other department heads.

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Labor Contract Negotiation

We assist in negotiating the renewal of a labor contract. Our services include the face-to-face negotiations either alone or with a committee of the municipality.

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Strategic Plan Preparation

We assist the elected board and management staff to prepare a strategic plan, which acts as a guide for all elected officials and staff. This plan establishes a prioritized list of both short- and long-term goals for the municipality.

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Training & Education

We offer high-quality, low-cost training classes to municipal officials on current issues of interest.

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