The Center hosted a workshop for local government officials on February 1, 2017, on “The Legalization of Marijuana and Its Effects on Municipalities.” The commonwealth legalized medical marijuana in 2016 and is issuing rules about permits and mechanisms for growing, distributing, and selling medical marijuana statewide. Municipal officials need to understand how the state’s regulations will affect local health and safety regulation, policing, zoning, and other public duties.

John Hudak, deputy director of the Center for Effective Public Management at the Brookings Institution, Washington, DC, reviewed the history of marijuana in the United States. William Roark and John Walko, attorneys, explained Pennsylvania’s new law and regulations and their impacts on municipalities. Josh Genderson, president and CEO of Holistic Industries, explained how marijuana is grown commercially where it is legal.

Power Points of Mr. Roark and Mr. Walko’s presentation and Mr. Genderson’s presentation are available at the following link:


PDFs of Program Presentations