Prof. John Kincaid recently spoke at three forums in Europe. On June 10-11, 2010, he participated in the International Roundtable on Political Parties and Civil Society in Federal Countries held at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin, Germany. The roundtable was the ninth such event in the Global Dialogue on Federalism co-sponsored by the Forum of Federations and International Association of Federal Studies. Prof. Kincaid is the Senior Editor of the book series on comparative federalism being published by the Global Dialogue. Seven volumes have been published to date. The volume on political parties and civil society, expected to be published in 2011, will be the ninth volume.

He also spoke on the “U.S. Senate as a Guarantor of Territorial Pluralism” at an international seminar on “Guarantees of Territorial Pluralism” held at the Center for Political and Constitutional Studies in Madrid, Spain, on June 14-15. The seminar was co-sponsored by the Forum of Federations and the Manuel Giménez Abad foundation.

Prof. Kincaid spoke, as well, on “Health Care Reform and the States in the United States” at a forum on June 18 on “Decentralization of Health Care in Federations: Recent Trends and Lessons from Spain.” The forum was co-sponsored by the Cortes de Aragon and held at the Palacio de la Aljaferia in Zaragoza, Spain.